Gallery Aferro Main Gallery
Curated by Kayla Carucci, Alex Scott Cumming, and Jacob Mandel
October 15th – December 19th
Opening Reception October 17th 7pm – 10pm

Molting relates the psyche to free will by means of non corporeal identification. The show displays artists’ self portraits through representation of the ephemeral, the immaterial, and the objective. These representations are a process of association; i.e. through housing, environment, culture, subculture, relationships, and their various manifestations. A choice is an act of free will, consciously or subconsciously, and carry an imprint of the will. The paradox of free will and the psyche, a universal object originating before the human individual, creates non corporeal phenomena through which the artists may convey themselves. Molting is exposing the responsibility for change in our world.

Alexandra Desipris
Kevin Durkin
Manuela Eichner
Jessica Ellis
Gilbert Hsiao
Ryan Patrick Martin
Kelli McGuire
Tomo Mori
Alicia Papanek
Molly Soda
Vaughn Spann
Ceaphas Stubbs
Andrea Garcia Vasquez
Ken Weathersby
Juno Zago

Laurie M


Artwork by Laurie M.
Gallery Aferro Liminal Gallery
October 15th – December 19th
Opening Reception October 17th 7pm – 10pm

This current body of work by the artist is a very intimate series titled SOUL BABY. It contains original works, both two-dimensional and three-dimensional, oil paintings and drawings. The actual SOUL BABY is an unrealized physical being that has been portrayed obsessively at the core of who the artist considers them self to be.

SOUL BABY is subtle on the surface but reveals an inner intensity through very specific titles concerning health issues existing within the artist’s family (multigenerational schizophrenia, Asperger’s, mental illness). This body of work questions how quality of health translates into (dis)connectedness and altered perceptions of family relationships, childhood, love, longing, loss, trauma, natural wonders, and pure beauty.

In these works, Laurie draws on the unconscious, meditating on the qualities of primal self and the complexity of all that feeds those meditations in oil paint. Laurie created the first work in this series, titled “At Peace”, when all of her life seemed aligned and she was joyous. Not long after that declaration, Murphy’s life went into a health spiral that would forever impact her “expected” future. The resulting paintings describe profoundly personal experiences that also reference topics unexplored in Laurie’s works prior to dramatic changes in her health.

The inspiration in SOUL BABY originates from life combined with an appreciation for traditional Realism as well as an affinity for the Abstract Expressionists and Surrealists. This inspiration is a paradox, stylistically. This new work draws on the paradox of raw emotions associated with the yearning for truth and beauty within a physically painful existence. This “duality” is a reminder of complications of the heart and often conveys the disconnection of male and female relationships. Visual metaphors convey life events that are too difficult to express in any other way. Highly rendered focal points often contrast with an unconscious, reoccurring theme of an unfinished, skewed horizontal background.



Curated by Jo-El Lopez
October 15th – November 15th
Opening Reception October 17th 7pm – 10pm

Gallery Aferro proudly presents the group exhibition Sancocho. This exhibition works to expand the presence of the Hispanic and Latin Diaspora to the Newark downtown area art scene and expose artists to a broader audience. Sancocho (San-co-cho) is a traditional soup (often considered a stew) made with different methods and mixtures of ingredients depending on region. Its combinations of flavors, simmered until everything is tender and practically dissolving into an appealing broth, with the end result being a wholesome and soul feeding meal. It is this same method of joining different styles and art methods that we are achieving with this show.

Both revelatory and enlightening, this exhibit visually influence the imaginative existence of humanity and culture. Brimming with flavor, with human symbolism and different art techniques, all while commenting on social/political issues and themes.  Join us.

Monica Aramayo
Ray Arcadio
Karlos Carcamo
Shauna H. Figueroa
Carlos Jesus Martinez Dominguez
Bryant Javll Lebron
Jo-El Lopez
Cesar Melgar
Josama Mala Palabra
Luisa F. Pinzon
Grey Sea
Esmeralda Vazquez
Joe Velez


Elevator Music 2

Curated by Spencer Frohwirth
Aferro Publication No. 24

Played on Loop at Gallery Aferro’s Vintage Elevator Installation
2nd Floor, 73 Market Street, Gallery Aferro
September 5th 2015 – July 1st 2016

Andrew Wilkinson
Lorin Roser
Spencer Frohwirth & Jacob Mandel
Laura Plana Gracia
Maggie Dubris
Sam Sebren