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April 11th – May 23rd, 2015
Opening Reception April 11th, 7 – 10pm
Curated by Doris Cacoilo and Meredith Goncalves
Gallery Aferro, Main Gallery

_gaia is a collective of women artists and activists creating art, events and opportunities in the visual and media arts, performance and design. Its members actively promote and support the work of local women artists while developing programs that encourage collaboration and create community to help emerging artists in need of studio space, facilities and resources. In pursuit of raising awareness _gaia concentrates on activism, from issues in the local community and the art world to global issues affecting the lives of women.


The ninth edition of _gaia‘s Wonder Women Residency explored Superfood. A generation after the birth of the Kraft cheese single, we turn to the newly fetishized landscape of Superfood. With this in mind, Wonder Women invited artists to reflect on what is Superfood to women in their role in food communities, economies, and families. We challenged these artists to explore possibilities with women at the center of food cultivation, cooking, feeding, and nurturing.  With this in mind the work spans in its’ investigation of medically enhanced drinking water, food as comfort, food as personal identity and food as prescription.  Utilizing an array of mediums, the works will engage, inform and question these complex landscapes via painting, video, sculpture, interactive installation and relational aesthetics.

The artists:
Melissa MacAlpin
Sarah Nelson Wright
Lillian Ribeiro
Kate Eggleston
Cathleen Marie Thérèse Parra
Stephanie Tichenor
Claudia McNulty
Panda Suwann
Alyssa Lawler
Jacquelyn Strycker


Activate: Market Street 5

The Glass Chronicles

Mollie Thonneson
April 25 – May 18, 2015
85 Market Street, Curated by Jo-el Lopez

The Glass Chronicles began as an exercise in seeing how many times removed Mollie Thonneson could continue to create artwork based on a single image. From the original photograph of broken windshield glass scattered on a sidewalk She has created a realistic oil painting, six stylized acrylic paintings, a silk-screen print edition and twelve fabric pieces. Each new artwork is used as the reference for the next one. The different mediums are allowed to have their own voice and tell their own story yet they continue to express the same explosive energy that broke the glass in the first place.

Mollie Thonneson has been painting and constructing fabric sculptures for over thirty five years. Her work has shown nationally and internationally. She is the inventor, designer, and manufacturer of TAG the Art Game, a game that helps people overcome their fears about art making. Thonneson studied Illustration at Art Center College of Design in California from 1979-1981. She and her late husband, Joseph Franklin, designed and manufactured high end lamps, mirrors, and accent tables from 1990 – 2000. Thonneson moved to the East Coast in 2007 and earned her BFA in painting and drawing from New Jersey City University in 2012. Thonneson lives and works in Jersey City, NJ with her partner Alan Walker, their daughter Tulsi.

Sunil and Rob promo

Activate: Market Street 5

February 20 – May 2, 2015
Opening Reception February 20, 7 – 10pm
Storefront Windows on Market Street

Sunil Garg A Comfortable Illusion of Order @ 75 Market Street

The installation was created for its location, a former furniture store display window in Newark, NJ. It evokes planar forms of pieces of furniture in a seemingly chaotic state illuminated at night by a program of lights.

Garg’s work uses accessible materials such as, paper, wire mesh, expandable foam, discarded plastic bags, and packaging, to create forms that interrogate and respond to the conditions of the environment they are placed in. His work is intended to adapt to its environment and change depending on environmental and visual points of view and also challenge viewers’ preconceptions and biases.

Robert Lach A Forest @ 77 Market street

Nesting is both a joyous time for birth, comfort and rest, and a fight for survival from the elements of the natural world. Nature provides beauty and tranquility but also potential danger and destruction. It can be a nightmare.

Lach builds nests and nest-like structures based on the architecture of birds, animals, and insects. Viscerally attracted by their nostalgia, ware, and uselessness, Robert mimics their design, form and structure patterns using locally gathered objects, trash, and recycled materials.


Heather Johnson

Selected works by Kayla Carucci and Evonne Davis

February 20th – May 23rd @ =Space
Maxblau Building, 89 Market Street, 4th Floor, Newark, NJ

Johnson grew up moving from place to place. Dramatic cultural transitions defined each move: Hawaii to suburban Chicago; Rio Grande du Sol, Brazil to Heber City, Utah; Woking, Surrey, England to Houston, Texas. This process, along with an entrenched fondness for motorcycles and long road trips, has inspired her investigation of rootlessness, of moving through space without connecting to it. Heather’s work examines spaces from the perspective of an outsider looking in, positioning the viewer to gaze intimately at things that are temporary, generally ignored, or distorted by memory.

Employing a range of media, Johnson’s work reenacts the act of searching, of hunting for clues from the past to build new connections to the present. Drawing on source material such as maps, engineering schematics, official documents, newspaper articles, internet ephemera, and the personal stories of friends and strangers, Heather often uses labor-intensive processes to render richly layered images of things often forgotten or taken for granted. Johnson looks for relationships between different types of experiences, searching for evidence in the landscape of patterns and cycles that reveal our own fragile natures, as humans, in relation to it. It is her hope that the work inspires questions about where we are, physically and psychologically, in relation to what surrounds us.

Born in 1969 in Wahiawa, Hawaii, Heather Johnson has shown her work in galleries, museums and in the public realm throughout the United States, in Europe, Japan and Mexico. In 2001, she earned a Master of Fine Arts degree from California College of the Arts in San Francisco, and has completed residencies at McColl Center for Visual Art in Charlotte, North Carolina, Winthrop University in South Carolina and BoxoHOUSE in Joshua Tree, CA. Johnson has curated several exhibitions and collaborative projects, including Cracks in the Pavement: Gifts in the Urban Landscape, involving artists from around the world, Love Letter, a collection of collaborative site-specific works presented in New York and Paris, and most recently, In Search of the Frightening and Beautiful, a project-in-progress of landscape interventions around the United States and Mexico. Johnson lives a nomadic life aboard her Yamaha 250XT.