Gallery Aferro Main Gallery
September 5th – October 3rd
Opening Reception September 12th 7pm – 10pm

The New Jersey Symphony Orchestra and Gallery Aferro partnered in 2014-15 for Artist Box, a unique initiative that brought artists from the Newark-based art gallery to NJSO performances in Newark throughout a season. Echo is a unique experience in that it will be a visual arts exhibition inspired by music. There has always been a relation between the visual and the sonic arts, they have always been an integral part of human culture and society. But what would an artwork look like that’s halfway between a song and a painting? A sound and a photograph? A sculpture and an echo? How does music and noise inform the way we create and define ourselves visually? The artists will find the line between the sonic and the visual. Gallery Aferro is giving the artists a space for experimentation and artistic interpretation inspired by New Jersey Symphony Orchestra’s performances. Echo is a dynamic and immersive exhibition experience blending two of the most important and influential cultural mediums.

Alex Scott Cumming
Andrew Demirjian & James Proctor
Alexandra Desipris
Sophia Domeville
Dominique Duroseau
Jacob Mandel
Anne McKeown
Vaughn Spann
Amanda Thackray
Adrienne Wheeler

Juno Card - small

Made by Juno

Juno Zago
Gallery Aferro Liminal Gallery
September 5th – October 3rd
Opening Reception September 12th 7pm – 10pm

João (Juno) is primarily a figurative artist given that self-portraits are in the forefront of his interests, though he is confident his work cannot only be about this. To disregard other interests would be wrong, especially since so much of what he wishes to accomplish in his work has less to do with figurative representation and the ideas driving him. Self-portraits are not his only vehicle. Outside of those confines his work manifests via patterns, shapes, and colors, and he believes that this has to do with his interests in periods in art history such as Cubism and Modernism, through artists like Pablo Picasso, Sol Lewitt, and Agnes Martin.

The penchant for the self is not left completely out of the equation however, because his work dwells in it a way or another. The figurative confines of the self-portrait are broken by both visual abstraction and more objective ideas. With this particular body of work, Juno is also inspired by the Japanese art of kintsugi. This is a philosophy that explains that an object’s repair should be a part of its visual history instead of something to be concealed. Thus when a piece of pottery breaks, it is put back together with lacquer or glue containing powdered gold, so when the object is whole again, its cracks become part of what makes it a beautiful object.

On a physical level, Juno is creating collages that are driven by the hoarding of his old and tattered clothing. He then tears, rips, cuts and stitches them using embroidery thread painted golden to mimic the appearance of kintsugi and create large pieces on canvas that are visually concerned with composition, shape and color. On a metaphysical level, these compositions document important moments in his life: like break-ups, work experiences, and body consciousness.

Elevator Music 2

Curated by Spencer Frohwirth
Aferro Publication No. 24

Played on Loop at Gallery Aferro’s Vintage Elevator Installation
2nd Floor, 73 Market Street, Gallery Aferro
September 5th 2015 – July 1st 2016

Andrew Wilkinson
Lorin Roser
Spencer Frohwirth & Jacob Mandel
Laura Plana Gracia
Maggie Dubris
Sam Sebren