Submission Guidelines

Email submissions only

Every submission\proposal must include:

A CV\Resume
Artist Statement
A brief statement about the specific work you propose to show with us.
Contact Information
Work samples: jpeg under 1 MB
There is no minimum or maximum number of images to include.

(Please include title, size, price and media information.)

If you submission requires any technology hardware please let us know what you will provide and\or what you want the gallery to provide.  Whatever technology you can provide will greatly help.

Do Not refer us to a website without ALL the other required material. We will review the listed material first, without it we will not visit your site.

Curatorial Proposals:

In addition to the material above please include a list of artists you are considering even if you have not confirmed with those artists, as well as sample images of their work. This will help us understand your ideas and motivations.

What will you provide that is necessary for the exhibit? What will you ask the gallery to provide? How much space in square footage will your exhibit need? When do you want the exhibit to be?

Site Specific Submission\Proposals:

In addition to the material listed above also include the following information.

Where in the gallery will your work appear?
Diagrams and description of the work.

Whenever possible you should visit the gallery before sending you proposal. While in the gallery feel free to measure and photograph the areas you are interested in, you can include that information in your package. We encourage you to think big, consider the outside of the building, and allow yourself creative reaction to the physical structure.

No major structural changes, No pyrotechnics. Artists will be responsible for all necessary permits as well as removal of all debris resultant from installation.

Film/Video Submissions:

mpegs or clearly labeled youtube links

We will contact you if we accept your film or video.
We do have an 8mm projector available for film night, but do not send 8mm films. Please email us if you have 8mm you want to show.

If you are interested in showing film work as part of an exhibit please let us know how you want it presented. (Projection, LCD monitor, analog, etc.) Please include a list of any presentation hardware that you can provide.

We are interested in short as well as feature length film and video work.

Send to: