aferro studio square

About the Residency:

Several alumni residents have commented that the chance for informal networking with peers afforded by residency in the building was one of the best aspects of their experience. Also mentioned by residents consistently as a unique and valuable aspect of the program was temporary ownership of a platform for emerging artists to interact with the public. The program runs year round. The spaces have been described by one alumni resident as “very conducive to my needs: large, open, and with a do it yourself feel.”

Residents will be awarded a 600-900 sq ft studio for 6 months, with 24 hr access, access to visiting curators and other gallery directors,  inclusion in an end-of-program catalog highlighting their work over the length of the residency, and a culminating solo exhibition in the Project Room or Liminal Space. Selection for the residency program is via open call, and then jurying by a panel of arts professionals from the community.  Selection is based on status as an emerging artist, a demonstrated commitment to chosen field, especially in the face of financial or other personal disadvantage, excellence of artwork, an interest in engaging with the public via one’s art-making process, and by the probable effect of the program as allowing art-making that otherwise would not have been possible to occur. Gallery Aferro is collaborating with Aljira, a Center for Contemporary Art to expand the program’s capacity for 2012 and beyond.

Visit the studio blog!

2008 Studio Resident Irys Schenker was interviewed in her studio for TKartspace blog. Asked about the impact of the residency on her work, she responded:

“Absolutely! I have been pining for more space for a while. As soon as I moved in, my mind expanded along with the space…It has special meaning for me since I feel like I can finally breathe in this space. It is incredibly liberating.