last week of August 2014

Aferro Blog – Anne Q McKeown

 It’s quiet, it’s busy, it’s the end of Summer 2014. Some of us are racing with the end of the warm, vacation, fun season to get work completed, or born to be continued slowly as we collide with Fall.

Here is the simple little maquette I made way back in July. I am wrestling with the finish of the actual size. I knew it would not be the same as the original, and I knew it would make me work for realization. It’s OK, it’s on track. Installation next week at Drawing Rooms in Jersey City. Once I get some photos of the installation, I will show them.

Drawing Rooms maquette 14

To remind my self that the blog posts don’t need to be a best seller short story I am including Emma’s great list of possibilities:

“You can reblog content from the blog or news sections of your website.
You can blog a picture. You can blog a sound file. You can blog a link
that inspired you. You can blog a theme, like “hands” or “the color
red” or “ennui” and challenge your fellow residents to respond. You
can blog about your commute to the studio, your impressions of Newark,
or of the building. You can blog about challenges your experiencing
with a project. You can blog about an artwork or project that you were
satisfied with, and why. You can blog about inspirations. You can blog
about shows you’re in. You can blog about other artists or shows that
you’ve seen recently. You can blog a list. You can blog what you’re
currently reading or what film you saw recently or what music you are
listening to. You can blog about anything that is connected with your process.”