Anne Dushanko Dobek

Anne Dushanko Dobek is a multidisciplinary conceptual artist whose installations, focus on issues of social justice and/ or the environment. The source material for all her work, collectively titled SILENT VOICES, is specific: news stories found in the New York Times. However, the installation sitings and presentation are more reductive, opening the works to individual memories of current narratives: the seemingly endless repetition of similar disasters worldwide.

The images and materials are purposely selected to have an initial surface attraction, which upon closer examination, reveal more difficult content. A collage aesthetic informs her presentation and her practice and this physical as well as referential layering expands the potential readings of the works.

Over the past two decades Dushanko Dobek has created a ”library” of techniques and images that are physically or conceptually repurposed in new works providing both visual and referential continuity. In many instances they can be read as attributes alluding to specific details of the issue or as evidence. Often, there is an intentional opposition between the reality of the images and the perception, which she uses to reinforce the political contradictions inherent in the issues.

Many of the Anne’s works are created in challenging and remote outdoor locations demanding photographic documentation before they are destroyed or damaged by natural forces (ocean, wind, rain, snow). The precarious and transient nature of the installations parallels in some measure the sites; geographic or physical of the original narratives. This is most evident in the Parallel Migrations series; Field Fire and No Olvidado both of which began outdoors but now include indoor variations. Promises, Promises is more surreal in the outdoor version.

By adding light and sound components she heightens the visual drama and emotional intensity while encouraging the viewer to follow pathways through or into the installations. By creating a more interactive and immersive experience Dushanko Dobek provides a platform for conversations and contemplation of the issues.