Anna Arcuri

Anna Arcuri is an emerging fine artist and New Jersey native. She is a recent graduate from William Paterson University of New Jersey’s Art Studio, Bachelor of Arts program, where she also acquired a minor in Art History. Arcuri’s artistic process is a logic-based ritual, with hours spent dedicated to research including reciting the writings of David Lynch, referencing Ana Mendieta’​s ​Siluetas, reading essays on various art philosophies and criticisms, watching films extending over many genres, and so much more. She has always found herself separated from reality, lost in her thoughts and imagination. Arcuri’s art is a representation of her multi-layered consciousness, and her relationship to her environment.

Arcuri marries Photography and Sculpture to emulate the shifting energy of a science-fiction thriller. Dimensionally cyclical, Arcuri’s photography is a forensic plane, created by capturing microcosms within pieces of her sculptures. The sculptures utilize recognizable materials and ambiguous textures. Referencing mundane life, then whimsically contorting it, into a whole new world, or object from a parallel universe, the
underlying narrative, comfort in escapism, propels the journey from one realm to another.

Dependent on shifting interpretations and viewer participation, there is no wrong way to feel about this work, divergent from its supposed intent. It is universally bizarre, so all interpretations are valid. A playful, mysterious, and adventurous, push and pull between our reality and beyond.