Giacomo Colosi

Giacomo Colosi is an Italian artist living in United States whose work is about relationships between the human condition and human behavior. Using a raw, humorous, and absurd style, his practice relies on memory process, vulnerability, absence, and archives. He also invites the audience to be part of his memory process, where each represents a stage of life, particular experience, or a particular place. He creates a synergy with his environment and encourages participants to revisit their memories based on their personal belongings.

As an artist, Giacomo has been researching ways in which art can be applied to the everyday life, fact and fiction, not only as its dispositive for self-reflection, but as a way to generate and install models and have possible interactions that could provide new ways to engage and involve people — as it relates to the body and the world. He blurs the lines between art and life suggesting that we examine if what we believe constitutes a “reality” that matters, a human action/situation rather than any definition of “everyday reality” based on standard normalcy or a social code we create.