Bud McNichol

Gallery Aferro’s 6th Recipient of the Sustainable Arts Fellowship

In 2019 Bud McNichol is returning to Gallery Aferro an an artist in residence for the second time, this time as a Sustainable Arts Fellow. McNichol is a New Jersey-based artist and has been practicing art for the past 19 years, focusing primarily on painting. He’s exhibited extensively throughout New Jersey and New York, as well as Pennsylvania and Illinois, and his work’s been written about in Hyperalleric.

McNichol is interested in the necessities involved in the act of painting as well as the concept behind a particular piece or series’ germination. The physical and mental act of art making is one of problem solving. McNichol’s approach to each painting is a conversation between the work and himself. He isn’t interested in a rote approach to process. There is in him, a refusal to have the work recognized by an identifiable style; ‘A Fine Disregard’ for convention. A series of work is never abandoned. It can always be revisited and informed by new directions that have been taken. New work, in turn, responds to parameters set up in previous series.