Luis-Miguel Caraballo

As an Elizabeth, New Jersey native, Luis-Miguel (formerly known as LouieBlaka) has been influenced deeply by his city roots. With a BFA in studio painting, he considers his art to be a fusion of contemporary with an edge of street art. Luis-Miguel has also been active within the street art community creating murals that can be seen throughout cities in New Jersey, Miami, Brazil, and Croatia. His work has been featured in various galleries, exhibitions and publications including the New York Times Best Seller “Crushing It!” by Gary Vaynerchuk.

Luis-Miguel earned a BaFA in studio painting from Montclair State University. Upon his college graduation, Louie embarked on a teaching career, and for the next five years, used his gifts and passion for art to teach painting at Perth Amboy High School. During that period, he discovered the importance of, not only honing his craft, but also inspiring others to nurture their own passions and love for the arts, no matter where they come from.  In 2018, Luis-Miguel left his full-time teaching position to pursue his dreams as an independent artist.  By 2019, he was the recipient of the City of Perth Amboy & AARP’s Intergenerational Mural Grant, and later that year was named resident artist for the WATT Hotel in Rahway, New Jersey. He was also commissioned as the featured artist for the interior of the Stratford, Connecticut State Farm branch.