Aferro Publication No. 36

Aferro Publication No. 36, Elevator Music 6: SiIvaGunner

Elevator Music 6: SiIvaGunner, curated by Juno Zago.

Elevator Music is a continuous rotation of experimental sound art curated for the permanent Elevator Music installation on the second floor of Gallery Aferro. The installation is comprised of a very early Otis Elevator (single digit) from the early 1900s excavated from the basement of Gallery Aferro’s facilities at 73 Market Street. The Elevator was cleaned up, refurbished and equipped with a motion sensor-activated media player. Guests enter the elevator and the audio-works are activated, analogous to the ways we may enter a functioning elevator ready to deliver us to our desired (or undesired) destination. Elevator Music is a space where audio works can become accessible within a visual arts gallery experience. 

Elevator Music 6 features a one-of-a-kind, hour-and-a-half long mix by youtube collective SiIvaGunner. On their youtube channel, SiIvaGunner claims to “only upload high quality video game rips” (rips = music files extracted straight from the game itself). In reality, they upload remixes of video game music, advertising them as the original tracks. There is a plethora of artists behind the 10,000+ uploads on the channel, pooling their creative interests and talents into a non-profit project out of their spare time. The remixes can range from well known pop songs to obscure inside jokes, and even original compositions. Listen below to SiIvaGunner and Gallery Aferro present Elevator Music Mix, the video also contains exclusive commentary SiIvaGunner contributor PinkieOats about the project fully realized.

Elevator Music 6: SiIvaGunner – 10/05/2019 – 11/22/2019

Published by Gallery Aferro