Bleriot Thompson

Public Enemy is a compilation of portraits that Thompson uses to illustrate visual pockets of his subjects’ lives. Bleriot Thompson relies on the human figure as a social muse while exploring the bounds of paint and documentation. Building portraits motivated by concepts, crucial contributions, and moments from his subjects’ lives. Here in the fiery crucible, we call America. We are the survivors. We are the dreamers. Come learn our faces, come learn our stories. On this journey we will tackle issues dealing with race, inequality, heroes, and philosophies that will ultimately lead us to freedom. This compilation represents the past, present, and future. Thompson aims to breathe new life into the history that is behind him as well as document the people that are actively building on those pre-established foundations. Civilizations will crumble but these names will not be amongst the ruin. 

During his time at Gallery Aferro, Thompson aims to finish the second chapter of his Public Enemy series. As well as complete the third chapter of my Public Enemy series where he’ll launch an investigation on the city of Newark, its people, and its history.