kara lynch

2023 Recipient of the Lynn and John Kearney Fellowship for Equity

kara lynch is a time-based artist living en exilio – born in the momentous year of 1968. Her art practice is re-memory, vision, and movement. It manifests as poetics, process, and conjures autonomy for Black and Indigenous people across Diaspora. Through low-fi, collective practice, and social intervention lynch explores aesthetic/political relationships between time + space. This artist’s practice is vigilantly raced, classed, and gendered – Black, Queer and Feminist.

Current Projects include: ‘We Travel the Space Ways: Black Imagination, Fragments and Diffractions’ – an edited volume of Black Speculation; ‘INVISIBLE’ – an episodic, speculative, multi-site video/audio installation that excavates the terror and resilient beauty of the Black-Indigenous experience; RuleReverse! a series of video interventions learning from Sylvia Wynter’s Maskarade; and “Come Prepared or Not At All” a series of drawings concerned with Black Towns and Black Futures. In 2021 she started learning to weave textiles and created a bi-weekly radio show, BLUES U, broadcast on radiocoyote.org.

kara completed the MFA in Visual Arts at the University of California, San Diego and has been a research fellow at the African and African Diaspora Studies Department, University of Texas Austin and the Academy of African Studies at Bayreuth University in Germany. kara is an emerit@s Professor of Video and Critical Studies at Hampshire College, a 2020-23 Tulsa Artist Fellow, a principled artist with GalleryOfTheStreets, a collective member of BlackLifeResponse, and a co-shaper of Black Flight Experiments.