Wish List

Gallery Aferro 2017 Wish List.

If you want to support Gallery Aferro’s programs, you can do so with
the gift of money, or your time volunteering. However, we also are
seeking the following items to help us get more done for more people.
Please contact info@aferro.org or 973 353 9533 if you can help. Thank
you very much.

1) Shelving of almost any kind is always useful!

2) New or new(ish) dehumdifiers. We use them to keep our building’s air dry and healthy, and they don’t last forever.

3) Ladders: any height!

4) Folding tables, the standard rectangular style

5) Reasonably modern mac computers

6) Track lighting

7) A power washer

8) Office chairs in good condition, with the adjustable height lever working.

9) Rolling carts of almost any kind are incredibly useful.

10) A large, high-lumen projector

11) A large flat screen TV

12) Scaffolding, ideally the rolling kind.

13) Books on Art, Poetry, Community Activism, and Gardening to add to our Community Book Room

14) Home Depot or Lowes gift certificates. We DIY-build/repair/rig rather than purchase anything that we possibly can in our large and old building.

15) Any kind of matting or framing supplies