Group Tours

Please contact us if you are interested in having a free tour, lecture or demonstration arranged for your group. All ages are welcome. Gallery directors Evonne M. Davis and Emma Wilcox will share a presentation with your group, demonstrate interactive pieces, and make themselves, the artists and art professionals available to answer questions and discuss the exhibition and contemporary art in general.


Identity Blueprint

Identity Blueprint is an 8 week arts program for young women in their sophomore, junior or senior year of high school in Newark, NJ. Each student learns how to create an original body of artwork using cyanotype photography (also called “blueprints” or “sunprints”) and digital video techniques.

To apply, recommend a student, or get more information and an application, email  

The program is structured around artist taught Saturday workshops, studio visits, and field trips. Identity Blueprint culminates in a professional-level exhibition of student artwork at Gallery Aferro. A collaboratively edited blog will be created by students and their teaching artists and will function as a social-network styled, teenager-friendly point of access for the curricula, comments and ideas of the group, and will be available to participant alumni permanently for keeping in contact, developing mentorships, sharing resources and revisiting workshop skills.

Visits to artist’s studios and access to talks by female working artists stimulate excitement and combat disempowering feelings by providing visual and conceptual ideas to build off of in workshop time, and allowing opportunities for dialogue. The experience of full, dynamic participation in a professionally realized exhibition reinforces a sense of real possibility and momentum that can be fuel for nearly any subsequent endeavor.

The cumulative impact of the program is to: 1) enable each young women’s sense of a competent, expressive self that can be connected meaningfully to liberatory art movements of the last 50 years, 2) model a purposeful, supportive community of young women, and 3) offer examples of success to pattern from through access to working artists representing a diverse range of age, race, strategy, temperament and practice.

We gratefully acknowledge the support of the Newark Arts Council, the Puffin Foundation and the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation, Jerry’s Artist Outlet, Flip Video, the Home Depot, Valley Arts and individuals like you!