Elevator Music

Dan Shaw by Jeff Cloutier

Elevator Music 5: Daniel Shaw

Curated by Juno Zago

April 6th – May 25th, 2019
Opening Reception – April 6th 7-10pm
Gallery Aferro, 2nd Floor Installation

Elevator Music 5: Daniel Shaw, curated by Juno Zago, invites visitors to step inside an early-1900s refurbished Otis Elevator and experience Shaw’s world: upbeat instrumental music created from unlikely and imaginative sound palettes. At times, the music is aggressive; others, it is sprawling and melodic, yet certainly unlike anything you’ve heard this year.

Shaw is a New York-based multi-instrumentalist who loves to play and create rock and electronic music. Gifted a guitar at the age of four during a Hanukkah celebration, Shaw began taking guitar lessons. He later advanced his skills by learning to play by ear and practicing along to the music of his favorite bands, amongst them Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and Metallica.

His most recent music endeavor, shared with us through the Elevator Music 5 installation, is UPPERCASE D & the lowercases. Shaw hopes to join in on the NYC music scene with his forthcoming band, and perform the music he’s been writing over the last 30 years.

Image by Jeff Coultier.