The Curated Chalkboard

The Curated Chalkboard

The chalkboard has reverted, as of late, to a more traditional use: drawings by small children. Hiroshi Kumagai and Joshua Davis also created a pastoral scene to direct visitors to Art Shop, which shed leaves and acquired snow as the seasons progressed.

Biological Imperative

Original drawing by Jen Mazza


Original stencil by Evonne M. Davis

Our Man in Havana: The Vacuum Cleaner in Art

(Discussion of what happens to human beings in a vacuum, as exemplified by the astronauts of Soyuz 11 )

The One Frame Cinema of the Unknown New Work

by Jesse Houlding

Original drawing by Jesse Houlding, from his film “A Thought Experiment”

Black Rock

“If you are not home then where are you?” -Amiri Baraka


(Game of hangman played by Evonne Davis, Emma Wilcox and Ed Barocas. Thanks Ed.)

In The Country of Last Things 4-Ever

“There is no later. This is later.” – Cormac McCarthy, from The Road


“I dreamed of an enormous castle that I lived in with my whole family, and in every room loved ones did trivial, familar things.
I dreamed that the bus I was waiting for always came on time.
I dreamed of a typewriter with an ~.
I dreamed that a naked angel came and took me away.
I dreamed of a city like the one I lost, but free.
I dreamed that somebody was knocking on the door. I opened it, and there was a smiling young man, all hot and ready.
I dreamed of a river with green water that said to me, Come, come, here lies the end of your desires.
I dreamed that a plague as terrible as AIDS could not be true, and that pleasure did not entail disaster.
I dreamed of the smell of the sea.
I dreamed that all the horror of the world was a dream.”

-excerpted from The Color of Summer by Reinaldo Arenas 1943-1990

In Light

Original drawing by Jesse Houlding, from his film “A Thought Experiment”

No Money Down

“I keep trying to accept the fact
That people expect to pay for what they need
If they try to make you feel bad about your wares
It’s just because they have nothing to barter.”

-Pat Califa, from Golden Showers