Eleta J. Caldwell and Rodney M. Gilbert Memorial Gallery

Share My World on the second floor

Share My World (continued)

Curated by Sharde Hickenbottom
Eleta J. Caldwell and Rodney M. Gilbert Memorial Gallery, Gallery Aferro
July 14 – September 8, 2018

Featured Muralists:
Rain Demetri Jorge
Monty Draper

What it means to be a human being is often hard to define. Images coming from the western hemisphere have often associated black women with servility, enragement, and unattractiveness. The continuous consumption of these narrow-minded images leads to a world programmed to identify that demographic in those ways. What is required to reverse this line of thinking is inclusive and diverse subjectivity.

The idea behind Share My World is about resisting the complacency in visual representation within American art. The show brings together a group of artists interested in challenging antiquated conceptions of beauty and sensuality. This group of artists are in pursuit of seeing more, unrestrained, diverse images of black women.

Image by Candace Nicholson.