Intern Open Calls

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Gallery Aferro offers internships with the unique opportunity to work closely with staff, as well as engage with the larger Newark arts community and learn about the many aspects of working in a nonprofit organization. Because Gallery Aferro is both a presenting and a workspace organization with strong connections to cultural professionals, the internship position can build excellent professional skills/contacts and a breadth of knowledge that extends beyond the work involved. For the time being, Gallery Aferro is only offering remote internships.

Interns who are motivated and enthusiastic will particularly benefit from their time at Gallery Aferro, as will those who are interested in gaining marketing, operations, and arts administration experience and pursuing careers in the art world. The fact that Gallery Aferro is an arts institution does not mean we are only going to accept interns from arts majors and who have solely art-aligned interests. We welcome applicants from any major, we hope, however, that applicants make well-informed choices about the kinds of internship and volunteer experiences they believe will benefit them most. This being said, internships at Gallery Aferro may be primarily beneficial to students in Visual Arts majors like Photography, Design, Art History, as well as those pursuing Library Studies or other data management-focused fields.

Applicants are advised that the nature of work at Gallery Aferro is not fixed or solely dependent on the exhibitions we present on a seasonal schedule. Interns should expect a baseline of experience and tasks in their intended area of interest, but also a variety of tasks that come up on a day-to-day basis depending on what projects Gallery Aferro is currently focusing on. In the past project-based tasks included interns preparing physical spaces for large parties, helping frame artwork, editing photos and creating slideshows.

Gallery Aferro is an alternative arts nonprofit organization founded in 2003 and based in Newark, NJ. The gallery currently operates out of a 20,000 sq ft building in downtown Newark, and we offer exhibitions and events featuring local, national and international artists. Gallery Aferro also houses a year-round workspace residency program; a publication line of more than 27 books, magazines, catalogues, and CDs; the Community Book Room, which houses over 2000 books, magazines and journals for visitors to read and engage with; as well as two permanent sound art installations.

Gallery Aferro is currently retooling certain aspects of the internship program for 2023. We are still accepting applications, but check back soon for more details on specific internship positions/requirements/etc.

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