Intern Open Call

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Gallery Aferro offers internships with the unique opportunity to work closely with staff, as well as engage with the larger Newark arts community and learn about the many aspects of working in a nonprofit organization. Because Gallery Aferro is both a presenting and a workspace organization with strong connections to cultural professionals, the internship position can build excellent professional skills/contacts and a breadth of knowledge that extends beyond the work involved. For the time being, Gallery Aferro is only offering remote internships.

Interns who are motivated and enthusiastic will particularly benefit from their time at Gallery Aferro, as will those who are interested in gaining marketing, operations, and arts administration experience and pursuing careers in the art world. The fact that Gallery Aferro is an arts institution does not mean we are only going to accept interns from arts majors and who have solely art-aligned interests. We welcome applicants from any major, we hope, however, that applicants make well-informed choices about the kinds of internship and volunteer experiences they believe will benefit them most. This being said, internships at Gallery Aferro may be primarily beneficial to students in Visual Arts majors like Photography, Design, Art History, as well as those pursuing Library Studies or other data management-focused fields.

Applicants are advised that the nature of work at Gallery Aferro is not fixed or solely dependent on the exhibitions we present on a seasonal schedule. Interns should expect a baseline of experience and tasks in their intended area of interest, but also a variety of tasks that come up on a day-to-day basis depending on what projects Gallery Aferro is currently focusing on. In the past project-based tasks included interns preparing physical spaces for large parties, helping frame artwork, editing photos and creating slideshows.

Gallery Aferro is an alternative arts nonprofit organization founded in 2003 and based in Newark, NJ. The gallery currently operates out of a 20,000 sq ft building in downtown Newark, and we offer exhibitions and events featuring local, national and international artists. Gallery Aferro also houses a year-round workspace residency program; a publication line of more than 27 books, magazines, catalogues, and CDs; the Community Book Room, which houses over 2000 books, magazines and journals for visitors to read and engage with; as well as two permanent sound art installations.

Below you’ll find information on all the remote internships Gallery Aferro is offering. We are no longer accepting applications for Summer of 2021. Any applications we receive from now through the summer season will be considered for the Fall of 2021.

Social Media / Administration Internship

Eligibility and Application:

Undergraduate students, Graduate students, recent graduates. To apply, email resumé and cover letter to with the subject line: Social Media / Admin. Intern

Social Media Interns will work closely with the Gallery Manager and Gallery Registrar to develop and promote Gallery Aferro events, resources, and mission through our website, program blogs, newsletter, and social media outlets. The person in this role will also schedule updates and posts before, during, and after events. This internship position is designed to help with the gallery’s promotion and marketing needs during the event-heavy summer and fall seasons.

While working directly with the Gallery Manager, Social Media Interns must be available at least 12 hours a week (two 6 hour days) between Wednesday and Saturday.


  • Use post-scheduling tools to promote Gallery Aferro events, exhibitions and announcements on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  • Use DSLR cameras and photo-editing software or willing to learn about DSLR cameras and photo-editing for optimal online and mobile posting.
  • Create, manage and edit content for our numerous social media outlets, including our website, blogs, newsletter, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • Research into current and topical trends in social media relevant to our programs and mission, such as what are good hashtags to use to increase viewership, etc.


  • Professional phone and email manners
  • Basic working knowledge of Mac computers (or willing to learn)
  • Experience with many forms of social media
  • Excellent writing and communications skills
  • An interest in contemporary art
  • Enthusiasm for working with the public
  • Punctuality and follow-through on projects


  • Familiarity with Adobe Creative Suite products
  • Experience with digital photography

Digital Photography / Administration Internship

Eligibility and Application:

Internships at Gallery Aferro often present interns with opportunities to learn about and carry out tasks related to the field of application as well as day-to-day tasks regarding arts nonprofit administration. That is why Gallery Aferro is offering a Digital Photography / Administration Internship.

Gallery Aferro is looking for an intern who has experience or is interested in learning about DSLR cameras and editing digital images. Artwork images are integral to the every day workings of an arts institution. Whether we are looking to create an online store or an artist catalogue, artwork images are necessary for a variety of online and offline assets.

Data management, and metadata entry are important to this project but also huge components of Gallery Aferro’s day-to-day proceedings. Students who major in Digital Photography or archive-related studies are especially welcome to apply.

The Digital Photography / Administration Intern must be available at least 12 hours a week (two 6 hour days) between Wednesday and Saturday.


  • Working alongside Registrar to photograph and create digital images of artworks to professional quality
  • Handling a DSLR camera and studio lighting set-up
  • Editing photographs to desired effect
  • Labeling, and organizing artwork photograph digital files


  • Basic working knowledge of Mac computers (or willing to learn)
  • Basic working knowledge of Adobe Photoshop (or willing to learn)
  • Good file management and labeling practices (or willing to learn)
  • Good writing and communications skills
  • An interest in contemporary art
  • Punctuality and follow-through on projects

Optional (but helpful):

  • Familiarity with studio lighting or related equipment
  • Interest in e-commerce or social media
  • Professional phone and email manners

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