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Plan Your Trip to Gallery Aferro

There is so much to do at Gallery Aferro. We have a large facility comprised of 4 distinct exhibition spaces. Our main gallery is approximately 2400 sq feet of open gallery space. Our 2nd floor gallery, the Eleta J. Caldwell & Rodney M. Gilbert Gallery is also a large space spanning across the majority of the public space on the 2nd floor. On our 2nd floor we also have the Community Book Room, this space is comprised of a long hall with around 2000 books for guests to sit and read. We have custom made benches and comfy couches for your enjoyment! We also have 2 permanent installations. One, a dedication to the life of Kea Tawana, an artist who built an ark in a parking lot in Newark during the 1980s. Gallery Aferro developed a massive exhibition in 2016 about her life that included an ongoing archiving project to secure her impact in the Newark story. Our 2nd permanent installation is entitled Elevator Music. An early model Otis elevator that was found buried deep in our facility, refurbished and outfitted with a motion sensor and speakers. Gallery Aferro curates a regular rotation of experimental sound art for our guests to experience. We also have Art Shop, our ground level shop comprised of artworks form Aferro’s collection as well as a curated selection from currently exhibited artists. These works are priced to sell and ready for you to take home right away! We also offer Gallery Aferro t-shirts, clothing & holiday cards designed by local and national artists, our full line of Aferro Publications, and more. Gallery Aferro’s public art program Activate: Market Street currently encompasses 6 distinct storefronts all around our block on Market Street and Washington Street. Day or night, rain or shine, 24/7, these displays are activated for all the public to see. There is so much we have to offer, beyond all these public spaces, we have several floors comprised of the Gallery Aferro Studio Residency. Although those spaces are private, we are happy to arrange a visit with an artist or a tour around the studios for you, your organization, your students, etc. Contact us at 1(973)353-9533 or to arrange a tour or for more information regarding what we have to offer.

Gallery Tours

Please contact us if you are interested in having a free tour, lecture or demonstration arranged for your group or school. All ages are welcome. Gallery staff can share a presentation with your group, answer questions, discuss current exhibitions, contemporary art in general, and may be able to arrange for exhibiting artists to meet with your group.