Our Man in Havana: The Vacuum Cleaner in Art
Aferro Publication No.1
Sponsored by Newark Art Supply

Artforum, December 1974, Page 82
Tim Maul
Aferro Publication No. 2

Signed Edition of 50
Evonne M. Davis
Aferro Publication No. 3

In the Country of Last Refuge
With essay on history of annual urbanism exhibitions at Aferro
Essay written by Gallery Director Emma Wilcox
Aferro Publication No. 5

Theory + Practice
with forward by Evonne M. Davis
Aferro Publication No. 6

Biological Imperative
With essay When My Heart Stopped Beating I Walked Back Home by Emma Wilcox
Aferro Publication No. 7

Outside Over There
Aferro Publication No. 8

Tabula Rasa
with essay by Ryan Schroeder, re: disappear
Aferro Publication No. 9

Real Cool Time: Andrew Leo Baron
with essay by Kara L. Rooney, Anti heroism and the Substance of Cool
Aferro Publication No. 10
catalog design by Rebecca Jampol

guest curated by Ethan Ham
with writing by Sarah Kate Baie, Michael Betancourt, Julia Bryan-Wilson, Sharon L. Butler, Andrei Codrescu, Greg Cook, Laurel Gitlen, Ethan Ham, Ellen Handy, N. Katherine Hayles, Paddy Johnson, Lisa Kjaer, Jonathan Martin, Carolina A. Miranda, Ceci Moss, Jack Murnighan, Laura Napier, Tim Maul, Catherine Spaeth, Hrag Vartanian, James Wagner

Aferro Publication No. 11
catalog design by Ethan Ham

with forwards by Evonne M. Davis and Lawrence Cappiello
Aferro Publication No. 12

Filthy Lucre
guest curated by Nancy Mahl
Aferro Publication No. 13
with writings by Jason Bauman, Mary Anne Caton, Anthony Christiansen, Caroline Gonda, Nancy Mahl, Sally O’Driscoll, Michelle Washington

Dahlia Elsayed: All of It
Aferro Publication No. 14
with essay by Alice Elliott Dark

Aferro Publication No. 15 is reserved for future use.

Ripe: Conception & Perception
Anonda Bell and Tara De La Garza
Aferro Publication No. 16
with essays by Manon Slome and Meghan Keane

Elevator Music
guest juried by Adam Trowbridge
Aferro Publication No. 17
9 artists and groups have created a total of 51 minutes of music to be played on permanent loop in the freight elevator of Gallery
with forward by Adam Trowbridge
CD Design by Andrew Wilkinson

Through You Into Action
Aferro Publication No. 19
catalog design by Kevin L. Hau

Educational Handouts for Identity Blueprint
Aferro Publication No. 20

Jan Sawka
Aferro Publication No. 21
Essay by Kara Rooney, Design by Gülnar Babayeva

Anne Q. McKeown
Aferro Publication No. 22
Designed by Kevin Durkin

Unusual Suspects: Jerry Gant
An Artistic Meditation of the Black Male Image in America
Essay by Lisa Bradley, 100 Man image by Akintola Hanif
Aferro Publication No. 22.5

Adejoke Tugbiyele
Aferro Publication No. 23
Interview by Dexter Wimberly with Adejoke Tugbiyele
Designed by Kevin Durkin

Elevator Music 2
Curated by Spencer Frohwirth
Aferro Publication No. 24
Andrew Wilkinson
Lorin Roser
Spencer Frohwirth & Jacob Mandel
Laura Plana Gracia
Maggie Dubris
Sam Sebren

Molting Zine
Designed by Alex Scott Cumming
Aferro Publication No. 25
Contributing Artists:
Alex Scott Cumming
Evonne M. Davis
Heidi Hussa
Jacob Lawrence Mandel
Kelli McGuire
Jullian Xeer

Elevator Music 3
Curated by Dahlia Elsayed
Aferro Publication No. 26
Anne Louise Blechner, Copenhagen, Denmark
Suzan Batu, Istanbul, Turkey
Silvina Der-Meguerditchian, Berlin, Germany
Aiham Dib, Damascus, Syria
Shady ElNoshakty, Cairo, Egypt
Echo Eggebrecht, Pittsburgh, PA
Mitra Azar, Nomadic Practice
Lauren Kelley, New York, NY
Asuka Ohsawa, San Francisco, CA
Shaw Osha, Olympia, WA
Anne Marte Overaa, Malmo, Sweden
Kameelah Janan Rasheed, Brooklyn, NY
Michael Rodriguez, New York, NY
Vitus Shell, Monroe, LA

Kea’s Ark of Newark
Gallery Aferro and the Clement A. Price Institute on Ethnicity, Culture, and the Modern Experience
Aferro Publication No. 27
Essay by Dr. Mark Krasovic

All the Stuff With All the Sky by Evonne M. Davis
Poem by Evonne M. Davis
Aferro Publication No. 28

Elevator Music 4
John Pugh
Ernestus Jiminy Chald
Brian Oakes
Curated by Jacob Lawrence Mandel
Aferro Publication No. 29