Aferro Publication No. 13

Aferro Publication No. 13, "Filthy Lucre"

Aferro Publication No. 13, “Filthy Lucre”

Filthy Lucre

Curated by Evonne M. Davis

Designed by Tara de la Garza

Introduction by Nancy Mahl, essays by Caroline Gonda, Mary Anne Caton, Jason Baumann, Sally O’Driscoll, Michelle Y. Washington, Anthony Christiansen, and Jeff Lundenberger

Artwork by Ana Paula Cordeiro, Evonne Davis, Denise De La Gerda, Justin Gooding, Terrence Hunt, Mark LEger, Carrie Lincourt, Eric Linton, Jeff Lundenberger, Karin Luner, Nick Minenko, Erin O’Keefe, Orange, Henry G. Sanchez, Sam Sebren, Emma Wilcox, Robert E. Williams, and Paul Wirhun. Installations by Hiroshi Kumagai, Rodolfo Rojas-Rocha, and Cicely Cottingham

Special Thanks to StepOn to Design LLC

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