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About Art Shop

Art Shop offers extensive bodies of work by many local and national emerging and established artists including Gladys Barker Grauer (1923-2019), Anne Q. McKeown, L.G. Carpenter, Katherine McGlynn, Heather Johnson, and Chris Twomey (1954-2012) as well as select artworks by artists such as Ibrahim Ahmed III, Mickalene Thomas, Karlos Cárcamo, Dahlia Elsayed, Jerry Gant (1961-2018), Jon Rappleye, Willie Cole, Miriam Beerman, Peter Hominsky, and others.

Please ask to peruse our flat files. Every purchase supports artists as well as Gallery Aferro’s nonprofit programs. Please ask about our payment options, we accept every major credit card as well as transactions via PayPal and Venmo. In the interest of affording all buyers an opportunity to bring quality artwork home we also offer payment plans to anyone willing to make the commitment.


Establishing a collection means:

  • Having the pleasure of living with beautiful and meaningful artworks
  • Supporting artists at a specific moment in their evolution, and knowing that often the artwork you buy now will gain value and meaning over time.
  • Putting money towards what you believe in; such as supporting local spaces, and buying art by artists from diverse backgrounds.
  • Having a real relationship with the gallery you buy artwork from and being able to talk with a real person about the artwork and artists you’re interested in.
  • Starting a collection for favorite child in your life.


Ramones Commemorative Plates, Kevin O’Neill and Karisa Senavitis, with collaborating printmaker Lisa Switalski, cotton pulp, recycled Ramones record covers, unbleached abaca, silkscreen, 4 plates with 11′ diameter, 2008, PP, $1500

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Angels Whispering in the Night, Faith Ringgold and Grace Matthews, silkscreen, 10×13, 2013, PP, framed, $1500

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AQM_CLEAN OUT WATER - Brookdale_17

Anne Q. McKeown, oil pastel frotage, wax, mulberry paper, 72 x 16, 2019, framed, $1500

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