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Curated by Evonne M. Davis, Case Studies is a show designed to give artists free reign to curate a small world within a museum case. What came of it was a room filled with individual stories beckoning the audience to further investigate, analyze, and welcome to their understanding. To commemorate the opening of this expansive exhibition, this time around Art Shop is displaying a selection of artworks from various celebrated artists found in Gallery Aferro’s archives.


Gladys Barker Grauer
Parking Lot (from the Homeless Series), mixed media, 26×32, 1985 $1500

Gallery Aferro’s Art Shop Featured Artist 


Heather Johnson
Bathroom 1, watercolor on paper, 4.5×5, 2010, $450

Gallery Aferro’s Art Shop Featured Artist 

Ibrahim Ahmed III
Body #1, 30×22.5, 2012, edition of 30, $550 (framed) $350 (unframed)

Gallery Aferro’s Art Shop Featured Artist