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Gallery Aferro officially kicked off the fall season this past Saturday, September 23rd with the opening of Dominique Duroseau‘s solo show Black Things in White Spaces. As such, Art Shop is proud to display new and exclusive edition works Duroseau made to accompany her solo show. Partway inspired by Black History as well as Piero Manzoni, Duroseau’s “Legacy Jars” combine remnants of Black/Noir/Nēgre/Negro Legacy and suspend them in oil. Elsewhere the edition piece “tea/text/thoughts by Mama Blackness,” a literal take-home piece of performance art in a tin can, awaits a patron who will take it up on its offer.

Also for sale at Artshop are exclusive editions of Evonne M. Davis’ newest text work “All the Stuff With All the Sky,” also on display in the show No Words, also on display at Gallery Aferro’s Liminal Gallery. Each poem comes with a digital print of the morning sky by the artist.

Alongside Duroseau’s and Davis’ exclusive artworks, Art Shop is also selling a varied selection of T-shirts and hats from FALSEHOOD. a Newark-made brand of apparel specializing in hand-drawn designs.

Throughout the fall Art Shop will continue to highlight the work of New York photographer LG Carpenter, and of course, all profits from sales support the artists, makers and Gallery Aferro’s non-profit programming.

Dominique Duroseau
Legacy Jars (Sugar Edition), brown sugar, oil, 2017 -left
tea/text/thoughts by Mama Blackness, tea, text, your own experience, 2017 -right

Gallery Aferro’s Art Shop Featured Artist Alongside “Black Things in White Spaces”

Duroseau creates narratives. She documents, cross-examines, creates cultural hybridizations. She de-contextualizes/re-contextualizes texts, topics, and issues on Black Culture’s constant striving within today’s society. She works within the cusp of her cultures as Haitian, American, and African Diaspora, then links unresolved issues across time as a political strategy. This takes into account the nuances of language and mannerisms, while illuminating social issues and injustice; depicting contemporary struggles against indifference, coded vernacular, and entrenched economic dispositions. The issues addressed in her works may at first seem outdated and irrelevant, but instead have actually remained persistent, and morphed. The work folds in residuals of colonial influence, women’s issues, and criticism of imperialist white-supremacist patriarchal cultures.

Evonne M. Davis
All the Stuff With All the Sky, text on paper, dye sublimation prints, dimensions variable, 2017

Gallery Aferro’s Art Shop Featured Artist Alongside “No Words”

The difficulties and urgency of communication inspire Evonne Davis’ freeform text works. In one piece, we appear to be reading direct transcription of an institutional trauma intake of some kind, but the trauma may itself be institutionally induced. The ambiguity is haunting.

PEACE. tees, adult and child sizes – left
Keep Wise, one-size hats – right

Gallery Aferro’s Art Shop Featured Apparel

LG Carpenter
Untitled, silver gelatin prints and c-print on paper, 20×16, circa 1997

Gallery Aferro’s Art Shop Featured Artist Print for Fall 2017

LG Carpenter studied photography at the School of Visual Arts in the mid-90’s, and has lived and worked in New York City ever since. His visual output encompasses genres such as portraiture, still life, landscapes, and urban street scenes, some enhanced with traditional silver gelatin darkroom techniques such as negative sandwiching. His distinctive sensibility melds the “hardness” and grit of documentary journalism with more surrealistic attributed that convey the beauty and strangeness of our lives in relationship to others; strangers, lovers, friends and even to the self. Film grain appears to burn in hot light, doors might be portals to memory, and reverse-printed faces might be an X-ray vision out of time.