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T shirt promo - med

Gallery Aferro Tee Shirts are now available in our Art Shop at 73 Market Street or online by clicking here! $30 includes shipping and handling. Please specify in an email to which design you want, and what size. The Gallery Aferro logo tees in grey are in stock for sizes S-2XL, and in white/cream sizes S-M. The Hazmat design in grey is in stock sizes S-2XL. Art Reaction shirts comes in various fun colors and sizes. We also are developing a range of baby/youth sizes for you!

posters with names for web

Gallery Aferro’s Limited Edition New Jersey Posters commissioned specifically for our Expansion Fundraiser are now available in our Art Shop at 73 Market Street and online by clicking here! $105  each, available on site at the gallery or by clicking here. Please specify which design(s) you want.

Featured artists for Spring 2015 include Artificial Heart by Heather L. Johnson. Artificial Heart is a new, experimental clothing line and customization service that turns secondhand apparel into wearable works of art using hand-embroidered designs sourced from motorcycle diagrams and other sources. Johnson writes: “The goal is to create a mobile, sustainable way to survive creatively, while making art work that’s accessible to a broader range of people.”

ART SHOP is our gallery gift shop featuring a rotating selection of limited edition prints, artist multiples, books, jewelry, apparel, and other items defying description. We have  substantive ranges of vintage color and black and white photographs by LG Carpenter and Lucille Fornasieri-Gold, thematic objects by Dahlia Elsayed, tee shirts and prints by Brooklyn legend Dennis Mcnett AKA WolfBat, and exclusively for Gallery Aferro, chunky “Newark” necklaces in graffiti font by Beebles.