Studio Residency Open Calls

Aferro Studios Residency program image

Open calls for studios, as well as for our two fellowships, the Sustainable Arts Fellowship for artists who are parents, and the Lynn and John Kearney Fellowship for equity, for women artists of color, are currently closed. Please make sure to join our mailing list and check in for when these calls will re-open again! Creating a fellowship, like any other act making and holding space for the arts, is an expression of what and who we value. It is an intentional, creative act, representing an interruption of the inertia of the status quo. 

Check back soon for updates on open calls for internship and art exhibition opportunities. 

Aferro Studios offers open calls for the studio residency program on an as-needed basis in order to fill 19 studios throughout our 5-story building. For 16 years, artists accepted into the program have been able to work in their studios 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for 6-month rotations (with renewal options), and gain access to visiting curators and inclusion in collaborations with a wide range of organizations, including museums, orchestras, and galleries.

Many residency alumni have commented that the building is a kind of “context within a context” — one that encourages incubation of ambitious self-organized, sometimes collaborative projects that might otherwise have not been possible for the artist to achieve. Gallery Aferro focuses on this aspect when choosing artists to participate, as well as a commitment to a chosen field, excellence of artwork, demonstrated interest in engaging the public, etc.

Located just 5 blocks from Newark Penn Station and within walking distance to other downtown galleries, as well as a wide range of local businesses and notable sites, Aferro Studios is housed in an evocatively repurposed, 20,000 sq. ft. building built in 1899, during the height of Newark’s vibrant Gilded Age. Over the past 15 years, this creative enclave has become an epicenter of almost ceaseless activity by a varied and lively population of gallery staff, volunteers, artists, youth, and community residents, all within the dense cultural, architectural, and historical context of New Jersey’s largest city.